Wendell Berry's Jefferson Lecture is Published
Wendell Berry's new story collection reviewed

A report from Prairie Festival

Berry, a longtime Kentucky farmer and writer, and his daughter Mary, jointly discussed land use and the importance of people serving as caretakers of the natural world.

Wendell Berry noted that in the past year - because of record corn and soybean prices - he’s seen fields "that have been in grass all my life herbicided and planted in corn or soybeans."

That rolling land, hadn’t been planted in the past because it is so susceptible to erosion and ends up being bare through much of the year.

"We can take instruction from nature, to keep the ground covered," Berry said, while annual crops leave the ground bare much of the year.

"Annuals are nature’s emergency service, rushing in where there’s a scar to cover it as quickly as they can," Berry said. "You can’t run a landscape indefinitely as an emergency."

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