Blog Watch: "Oral History, Wendell Berry, and Memory as Membership (III)"
Wendell Berry noted in "Brief Remarks at a Tree Dedication"

Henry County Local: "Berry speech focuses on community"

In 1907, Berry’s grandfather traveled to Louisville to watch the sale of the family’s annual tobacco crop. After paying for the costs of commission and transportation, there was no money left for the family.  Many farming families in Kentucky have been affected by the monopoly of the American tobacco company who early on set prices it would pay farmers without fear of competition or consequence.

It was with this example the lecture laid out the problems of an economic model propelled by prospect with disregard to the philosophy of affection towards economy. Affection can be a term used to describe worth that exists within a responsibly conserving and respectful economy. In Berry’s speech, he conveyed this as an economy where value is placed on all things and humans have a nondestructive relationship with the world and their place in it.  He said the alternative of placing value on prosperity without responsibility has left us subject to the perils of the market place.



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