A review of "The Prince's Speech"
Wendell Berry noted in "Overhauling the Farm Bill: Planting for the Future With Perennials"

Wendell Berry interviewed in Dissent, Spring 2012


Each generational wave of environmental concern seems to lap at Wendell Berry's doorstep. He gave up teaching and writing in New York in the sixties to return to Kentucky, establishing a small farm at Lanes Landing near Port Royal, and dedicating himself to writing about the roots of the life he leads there. Readers have sought his inspiration to overcome the incessant churning of environmental destruction and industrial food production. Berry embodies a certain sort of alternative. When I arrived at Lanes Landing, I knew that many seekers had come before me to put a face to the writing, and to see this life for themselves.

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Project MUSE reports that this interview with Wendell Berry by Sarah Leonard is published in Dissent. I don't have access to either Dissent or Project MUSE.

Source: Dissent
Volume 59, Number 2, Spring 2012
pp. 42-47 | 10.1353/dss.2012.0049


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Brother Tom, thanks so much for your detailed site on Mr. Berry. Regarding this Dissent interview, I think the entire thing is posted on the magazine's site here, for free. Just thought you should know. Thanks again.

Thanks very much, Walter.

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