Utne repeats Progressive's letter from Wendell Berry on Work
Wendell Berry interviewed in Dissent, Spring 2012

A review of "The Prince's Speech"

Prince Charles believes our way of producing food -- a process reliant on fossil fuels, pesticides, and fertilizers -- destroys the very resources upon which our food depends, such as soil and water. And we can’t keep it up much longer.

"Yield increases for staple food crops are declining," he told the rapt audience. "They have dropped from 3 percent in the 1960s to 1 percent today -- and that is really worrying because for the first time, the rate is less than the rate of population growth. And all this, of course, has to be set against the ravages of climate change. Already yields are suffering in Africa and India, where crops are failing to cope with ever-increasing temperatures and fluctuating rainfall."

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