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Of interest: "I am an Environmentalist"

I am an environmentalist and a protester; I am a dissenter and a demander who will not be discouraged.

A small part of me stands in solidarity with the other protesters who have rightly been named Time’s Person of the Year.

I am a convenient target for reactionary politicians and know-it-all newspaper columnists who specialize in promoting business as usual.

I won’t be receiving a Christmas card from Prime Minister Stephen Harper – who thinks I’m un-Canadian and an “extremist” – or Joe Oliver, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, who thinks I’m an “unlawful” person. I’m not sure what my Alberta in-laws think of me.

Because I disapprove of the Keystone XL and Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines, I am accused of being an anti-job-creation rebel who is trying to destroy the capitalist system.

Since I object to the mining of tar sands to extract oil, I am labelled a fossilized malcontent who has an obsolete understanding of how a modern resource economy works.



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