On Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson in Austin
More on Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson in Austin

Concerning Steve Jobs and Wendell Berry

In contrast to the remarkable work of the late Steve Jobs, the equally remarkable Wendell Berry, still creating as a wordsmith and as a farmer on his small farm in Henry County, Kentucky, takes a different stance on technology in general and specifically on the computer in his 1987 essay, “Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer,” a promise that he has kept these last 24 years. 

In this essay, as in the rest of his prose, Berry does not mince words: He writes, “I do not admire the computer manufacturers a great deal more than I admire the energy industries.  I have seen their advertisements, attempting to seduce failing or struggling farmers into the belief that they can solve their problems by buying yet another piece of expensive equipment.”

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