Blog Watch: Appreciating Wendell Berry
Relating Wendell Berry to the Occupy Movement

Wendell Berry selects Wes Jackson for YES! Magazine honors

With an introduction by YES! senior editor Madeline Ostrander, the issue marks the publication’s 15th anniversary as an ad-free, independent magazine by presenting the stories of ordinary people tackling the United States’ extraordinary challenges. “We believe it’s never been more important to recognize how influential ordinary people can be,” says Ostrander, “Our political leaders have stalled every effort to pass climate-change policies and given trillions of dollars to corporations while ignoring the needs of average Americans. It’s high time for the grassroots to take matters into our own hands.”

YES! Magazine's special 15th Anniversary Issue honors the following 15 people:

Wes Jackson (selected by poet and essayist Wendell Berry), revolutionizing agriculture with crops that grow like a prairie.



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