Honors for Wendell Berry
Wendell Berry & Friends in Austin, Dec. 4

Wendell Berry appreciated in "A religious climate"

But it’s fair to say that people of faith, all across the theological spectrum, are an important part of the grass-roots movement for climate action — a fact easily overlooked at a moment when science and environmentalism are often assumed to be at odds with religion, especially the more traditional kinds.

So it’s refreshing to see that on Oct. 20, PEN New England will honor Wendell Berry - the Kentucky farmer, environmental hero, and Christian poet, essayist, and novelist - with its Howard Zinn/People Speak Award in Cambridge. Berry will be joined by Bill McKibben, the environmental scholar (and Methodist Sunday school teacher) who, as founder of 350.org and a leader of the campaign to stop the Keystone XL “tar sands’’ pipeline, is probably the most influential climate activist in the world today.

Although Berry is often linked with the environmental movement, he transcends any narrow idea of what environmentalism means. For Berry, it’s as much about preserving the wildness in a handful of good topsoil as any pristine wilderness. Above all, it’s about community and love of neighbor, which means finding the right balance between human culture and the rest of creation.

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This is great news. I am a Christian Environmentalist and I believe that if Christians are taking their faith seriously, we should be at the forefront of the environmental crises.

Also, we are truly blessed to have Wendell Berry - his writing and his life - as an example of the type of living that can be done in the industrial age. Berry converted me to an environmentalist and I have continued to share Wendell's work with anyone who will listen.

I really appreciate you site and all the Wendell posts - especially all the events.


- MacConchie

Thanks much.

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