"Re-imagining Economic Obedience: Lessons from Wendell Berry"
Wendell Berry poem covered on bluegrass album

Blog Watch: Wendell Berry cited in "rejecting what is faceless"

But what I’ve come to see from reading Mr. Berry as well as from common sense is this: local economy is the only sustainable economy. And it’s not too late to start in small ways. Buy eggs from your neighbor or better yet, do like my aunt, keep a cow and trade milk for eggs. If you’re Anabaptist and can sew then by all means don’t stop. And teach your daughters how to do it, too. Jump for the chance to learn a skill. Use your hands. There’s an old adage, be a slave to no one. Yes, Walmart offers irresistible prices but is Walmart indispensible to our lifestyle? If we answer yes, and most of us have to, then we’re clearly enslaved to Walmart.

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