Of interest: "Nine classic works by Central and Eastern Kentucky writers"
Wendell Berry cited in reflection on Economy

Wendell Berry quoted on "Contemporaneity"

Contemporaneity, in the sense of being “up with the times,” is of no value. A competent wakefulness to experience — as well as to instruction and example — is another matter. But what we call the modern world is not necessarily, and not often, the real world, and there is no virtue in being up to date in it. It is a false world, based upon economies and values and desires that are fantastical — a world in which millions of people have lost any idea of the resources, the disciplines, the restraints, and the labor necessary to support human life, and who have thus become dangerous to their own lives and to the possibility of life.

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Visit the link for the whole post. Quote is from "The Specialization of Poetry" in Standing By Words.


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