Wendell Berry placed at origin of "ecopoetics"
Wendell Berry in Courier-Journal: "The ethics of 'innovation'"

Blog Watch: Stumbling onto Wendell Berry

Quite unexpectedly, and without warning (no one told us who the after dinner speaker would be), Wendell Berry stood up and read us a story called “Sold” about the selling of a widow’s farm because no one could take care of it any more.  It was a moving, and sometimes humorous, and often poignant recitation in a good ole Southern voice.  Afterwards, Wendell took questions.  I asked what was the connection between his art and his farming, his writing and his life on the land.   He and I have one thing in common— both been named Kentucky poet of the month.   He said that farming like poetry, is an art.  And he does the best he can to connect the two, all the time.   So he tells stories about farms and farming, writes poems about God’s good creation,  and about how the meek shall inherit it—- in the Kingdom.

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