Blog Watch: "Wendell Berry and Agrarianism: A Theological Critique"
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Blog Watch: On Wendell Berry and "Economy"

Someone told me I sound like Wendell Berry, so I bought his book “What Matters”.   Holy cats.   I had never heard of Wendell Berry, but I don’t know how I could have missed him.   Read this book!   He says what I am trying to say, only so much better.   He is pretty riled up.  Here is an example quote.  “…the depravity of what in 1986 we were calling, and are still calling, “the economy” — a ramshackle, propped-up, greed-enforced anti-economy that is delusional, vicious, wasteful, destructive, hard-hearted, and so fundamentally dishonest as to have resorted finally to “trading” in various pure-nothings”.



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