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"Wendell Berry's 10 Hopes (Commencement Address)"

Review of "The Achievement of Wendell Berry"

So what is this book that we should take so long to read? It is a reading of Wendell Berry’s work—his fiction, his poetry, his essays—“with an eye toward learning from it, not simply about it.” This is not a hagiology, but neither is it a study of Berry’s work as literature abstracted from the impact Berry’s work. Oehlschlaeger tries to understand Berry’s work on the terms Berry wants it to be judged—as an attempt to see his “native landscape and neighborhood as a place unique in the world, a work of God, possessed of an inherent sanctity that mocks any human valuation that can be put upon it.” In working from this attitude of both student and lover of Berry’s work Oehlschlaeger as critic leaves the position of the professional, set upon by the standards and restrictions of specialized knowledge, and enters the work of reading as an amateur—one who works for the love of it.

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