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Wendell Berry’s “Gift of a Good Life” « The Mormon Worker

Wendell Berry’s writing skills are unmatched. He writes with a primal force that resonates the deepest cords that tie us to our family and the earth. A sample of a few titles of his collected essays are revealing: “The Gift of Good Land,” “ Home Economics,”” What are People For?”” Citizenship Papers,”” Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community” and perhaps my favorite is his personal biography of his and his wife’s love affair with their home and land found in “The Long-Legged House.” He combines the simple and persuasive eloquence of CS Lewis; the zion like passion and discipleship of his friend, Hugh Nibley; and the wit of Henry Thoreau. But his real power of expression is rooted in his living the fullness of his words. He is, in my opinion, a Thoreau with a family and a Hugh Nibley with an actual farm. All of his writings, philosophy and theology springs out of his devotion to his family, his land, and his community which are for him inextricably intertwined to each other and from which grows his perfectly demonstrated loyalty—“that if you make a commitment and hang on until death, there are rewards.”



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