A new study of Wendell Berry's work
Wendell Berry and scuffs on the floor

Wendell Berry is #5 on "The Kentucky Bucket List"

4. Watch Harlan County U.S.A., Barbara Kopple's Oscar-winning 1976 documentary about the "Bloody Harlan" coal miner strikes of the early '70s shows just how dangerous that job used to be (and still is).

5. Read the works of Wendell Berry. The Henry County environmentalist, ruralist, activist and writer is considered one of the nation's greatest minds.

6. Visit the Harland Sanders Café and Museum in Corbin. It's where the Colonel first served his fried chicken with "11 herbs and spices" and birthed an internationally fried chicken recipe.

via www.kentucky.com

Right between Harlan County and Harland Sanders.


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