Blog Watch: "Coffee with Wendell Berry"
Wendell Berry’s “Gift of a Good Life” « The Mormon Worker

Blog Watch: "Wendell Berry: Community in the 21st Century"

Writing in 1970, Wendell Berry worried that the environmental movement would be one in a series of self-indulgent grand public gestures, that it would lead to some superficial changes, some new laws, and in due course peter out. The problem, as he saw it, was deeper, cultural and materialistic, and every one of us contributes to it: “every time we indulge in, or depend on, the wastefulness of our economy—and our economy’s first principle is waste—we are causing the crisis...A protest meeting on the issue of environmental abuse is not a convocation of accusers, it is a convocation of the guilty.” As someone who has the privilege of an (admittedly small) public platform to declaim about the environment and related issues, reading this led me to reflect upon my own actions.



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