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Blog Watch: "Washington Post Future of Food Conference Needs More Farmers"

This morning I was sent an announcement from the Washington Post about “The Future of Food Conference.” According to their website the conference will answer the question: “How is American and international food production changing to respond to growing demand from consumers for healthier and more natural food? Experts from some of world’s biggest food companies, academia and nonprofits discuss trends in agriculture and consumer behavior that is shaping the future of food.” I was immediately interested until I saw that there is no one on the program involved in production agriculture of a type that is going to feed a growing world population in a sustainable manner, although Sen. Tester might qualify. By sustainable I mean environmentally and financially. It looks like there’s a real scarcity of “farmers” on the list. The conference does have some very interesting sounding speakers that includes His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Others include:

Wendell Berry, the novelist, poet and pioneer of the organic movement; Eric Schlosser, author of “Fast Food Nation”; Sam Kass, White House Chef; U.S. Senator Jon Tester; Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner, FDA; Gary Hirschberg, the CEO of Stonyfield Farms; Dan Barber, the chef at Blue Hill; Will Allen, the founder of Growing Power; Susan Crockett, vice president and senior technology officer for health and nutrition at General Mills; and many other leading figures in the food and sustainability movement.

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