Wendell Berry, others and "apocalyptic thinking"
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Blog Watch: Reading Wendell Berry's "Life is a Miracle"

I borrowed Wendell Berry’s “Life is a Miracle” from my friend Trevor about two weeks ago, and finally started reading it this past Saturday. In spite of its dense content, i had the whole thing read in four days. There is so much to this book that I fear, having read it so speedily, that I missed more of it than what i actually took.

It essentially acts as a critical response to Edward O. Wilson’s “Consilience”, written three years prior, that argues, in a nut shell (wow, shit ton of commas going on here), life, organisms, humans, creatures, environments, all things….are essentially machines. Honestly, this is a nutshell synopsis. But the main part of the book that took me by surprise, that brought about a change in my thinking was not his argument against the current pedagogical university system, or that humans aren’t machines (believe me, they’re not). Early in the book, Berry lays bare the most fundamental fact and truth concerning faith:

“[Wilson]…like many materialists, atheists, rationalists, realists, etc., thinks he has struck a killing blow against religious faith when he asked to see it’s evidence. But of course religious faith begins with the discovery that there is no “evidence”.(p.28)

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