An interview: "Sitting In with Wendell Berry to End Mountaintop Removal"
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Wendell Berry interviewed on "Living on Earth: The Costs of Coal"

GELLERMAN: So why did you occupy the office of the Governor of Kentucky?

BERRY: Because the issue is very large and very urgent: that is, the destruction of the coalfields of eastern Kentucky, by surface mining at its most violent, which is to say - mountaintop removal.

GELLERMAN: Well, what did you want the Governor to do about it?

BERRY: You have to understand - our complaint is in the context of a virtual dead-silence for many years on the part of state government. We have done everything we could think of to get a hearing - without any effect whatsoever. So this was simply the next thing if we were going to continue our opposition to those mining practices.



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It will be very dificult to get past these guys. They have a lot of money and can afford to fight their case, not to mention the fact that they have been extracting coal for years.

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