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Blog Watch: “Authentic Reasons for Hope”

Wendell Berry is a personal hero of mine. He is one of the leading voices in the world for proper land stewardship and conservation. As readers of Wend magazine (print and online) we cannot, in good conscience, travel the land without being stewards of the land. Therefore, we should take every opportunity to read Wendell’s words and learn from them. And why not here at Wend, after all you cannot spell Wendell without Wend!

The following excerpt is taken from the December and January issue of The Progressive in an article Wendell Berry wrote entitled, “The News From the Land.” Listed below are a short list of Wendell Berry’s “authentic reasons for hope.”

1. We can learn where we are. We can look around us and see. If we see, by many observable signs, that during our history here we have lost much that we once had, we will see also that much remains.

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