Blog Watch: On reading Wendell Berry's fiction
Blog Watch: "Wendell Berry and the Sacred Task of Writing"

The Diane Rehm Show: "Readers Review 'Hannah Coulter' by Wendell Berry"

Diane invites listeners to join a discussion of "Hannah Coulter" by Wendell Berry. Hannah is an old woman who has experienced much loss but has never been defeated. Hannah is a twice-widowed mother of three. She finds herself reflecting on her childhood, her loves and loss, her children, and her beloved Kentucky farm life. Wendell berry is a renowned poet, author, essayist and farmer. He has set many of his stories, including this one, in the fictional town of Port William. "Hannah Coulter" is the story of the ties that bind a community.


Contributors include Jane Holmes Dixon, Jason Peters, and Andrew Wingfield. Follow the link and click on "Listen" at the upper left.


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