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Richard Carlson spins Wendell Berry & others into blues

“Is it not possible that by calling to our aid the musical relation of
dissonance we may meanwhile have made the difficult problem of the
tragic effect much easier? For we now understand what it means to
wish to see tragedy and at the same time to long to get beyond all
seeing” -Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy XXIV

To try to make sense of a world in which fragile bodies collide with primal forces and inevitably fall is to do philosophy. To give voice to the many small truths of the world by allowing its suffering to speak out is to aspire to poetry. If the work of tragedy is to aestheticize suffering the blues was there at the birth of tragedy. While blues music fits within a world tradition of folk music it also shares a history with great literature, philosophy, poetry. Our project here is to begin to explore this shared history. r

released 24 November 2010
Richard Carlson - Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Throat Singing 
Buddy Mohmed - Contrabass, Guitar


Mr. Carlson has set "Desolation" and "The Wheel" to music well worth hearing. His lyrics to the WB pieces and all the others as well can be found HERE.


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