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Wendell Berry interviewed at ScienceInsider

Now Berry has decided to pull his personal papers from the University of Kentucky's (UK's) archives to protest what he believes is its misguided emphasis on research to the detriment of teaching and its insensitivity to environmental stewardship. The school's acceptance of a $7 million donation from coal interests and the subsequent renaming of a dormitory for basketball players as the Wildcat Coal Lodge, he says, was the "last straw" in a long series of public fights with the institution. He says he planned to write about the issue but was compelled to speak out when the local newspaper learned this week about his decision and called him for comment.

Here is an edited version of his conversation yesterday with ScienceInsider.

via news.sciencemag.org


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I picked up Mr. Berry's recent economics book in a bookstore a week or two back and it seemed interesting, but, to be frank, the oddity of illustrating a section on usury with a quote from Ezra Pound was too much for me.

I think that illustrates a problem with the parochial nature of Mr. Berry's approach.

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