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"Imagination in Place" reviewed

BOOK REVIEW – Imagination in Place: Essays by Wendell Berry | Art & Culture « The Erie Wire.
In this first new collection of essays in 5 years, poet, fiction writer, essayist, Kentucky farmer Wendell Berry delivers a basketful of ripe fruit, like the symbolic red raspberries on the cover. In a prose that is tight and direct and a treatment that is sweet yet tart, he talks straight with us. His subject here is writing itself and the community it breeds. One might see this book as a series of appreciations of the writers who have mattered to him and to the community of writers to which he belongs. And though Berry shuns ‘literary criticism’ of his own works, these tributes of fellow writers and their life work comprise a practical and value-based aesthetic; it is Criticism with a capital C as in the work of Aristotle. READ MORE ...


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