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Just discovered: A blog entitled "Finding Wendell Berry"

The Crop Mob & WB

Are you a farmer at heart? Start a ‘Crop Mob’ | Energy Bulletin.
The Mob is essentially a group of young people of all ages (at the ripe age of 44, I have participated) who alight upon an area farm once a month and do a whole bunch of work together: weeding, moving compost, digging up fresh beds, harvesting ready-at-once crops like sweet potatoes. In short, the kind of work that seems crushing when one or two people set out to do it, but that’s downright fun with a crowd. When the work is done, everyone sits down for a meal.

In one of Wendell Berry’s books, he relays the old farm saying, “many hands make light work.” The Mob illustrates that principle. READ MORE ...


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