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Just discovered: A blog entitled "Finding Wendell Berry"

Finding Wendell Berry: The Beginning.
It’s January 5, 2010. The temperature outside dropped to 20 below this morning. I’m concerned about this temperature. I’m disturbed, not just because it freezes the very marrow of my soul into a coagulated lump of spite and bitterness, but because it makes me doubt Wendell Berry.

I’m warmly enjoying a bit of fiction by the old poet and mad farmer this day but I can’t help but question his viability. There are many who would agree wholeheartedly with my lack of enthusiasm for if there is any common thread among pure stock Montanan’s it is this: we think getting back to nature is bullshit. Back to nature is a vast and uncomplicated stamp we use to simplify all thinking that smacks of mother earth, nature hikes, environmentalism, bear bells, organic granola, and sandal toting, buffalo humping ideas that arrive along immigration routes from the farthest bastard infested reaches of the continent. I admit it’s a bias and one that, if I could have my say, would not stain the venerable Mr. Berry's visage. But without the study and thought which Berry requires of us, one bangs the stamp down and moves on. I would doubt his viability as well; and do on a God forsaken day such as this. For day’s such as this, as well as most other days in this state, make you realize that nature, given its dithers, would eat you up and crap you out quicker than a bear in a berry patch. I'll let you know, that’s pretty damn quick: quick and messy. READ MORE ...


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