WB reading two poems in Louisville
Arlington, VA is reading "The Memory of Old Jack"

WB and others appear in Frankfort

Environmentalists say they're tired of being ignored by legislature - State Government and Politics - Kentucky.com.
In one hearing room, legislators listened to report by a director of the Harvard Medical School warning that coal, from mining to moving to burning, is killing Kentuckians.

One legislator responded by noting that obesity also kills people, and wondered if food should be banned.

Then, a little while later in an adjacent room, a group of environmentalists led by author Wendell Berry said they were fed up with the General Assembly.

 "We have petitioned, marched, sung, written, lobbied, testified and pleaded — all to no avail," Berry said. "But today we declare that business as usual in Frankfort — long intolerable — has now become unacceptable." READ MORE ...


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