Considering “The Way of Ignorance”
WB to participate in KFTC coal/health press conference

WB among 'earliest articulations' of food movement

A food summit brings Islanders to the table - Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber.
The food movement, they said, is both personally enriching and deeply political, an attempt to make real the notion of food security, healthful eating and community self-sufficiency.

“I see it as a quiet revolution,” said Lisovsky. “Food is political, yet also basic. It’s gratifying on every level.”

The effort to reshape the way Americans acquire and process their food has been growing for decades. Some point to a letter essayist and farmer Wendell Berry wrote nearly 40 years ago as one of the earliest articulations of this movement, when he noted that a “thoughtful and even knowledgeable constituency for a better kind of agriculture” was emerging in the United States. Unfortunately, he went on to say in a letter to two food activists, that constituency was “powerless because it has no programs.”

Since then, programs — from Seattle Tilth to farmers markets to countless classes on gardening, canning and food preparation — have given energy and life to the movement, making it a powerful force in America today. Indeed, the effort, some say, seemed to enter the mainstream last summer, when First Lady Michelle Obama announced she was planting a vegetable garden on the White House lawn; even Pres. Barack Obama, she said at the time, would help.

Now, some point to Vashon’s Food Summit as a sign of the constituency’s maturation, as food activist and Islander Mark Musick put it. Vashon’s conference, he said, “is a microcosm of a national, even international, movement.”  READ MORE ...


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