WB's "Imagination in Place" reviewed
WB among 'earliest articulations' of food movement

Considering “The Way of Ignorance”

“The Way of Ignorance” by Wendell Berry « Open Borders.
American culture is grounded in a special blend of both pragmatism and idealism, and Berry draws on the best of these competing but not irreconcilable traditions in his suggestions for a new path forward. Throughout our short history, Americans have demonstrated an uncanny ability to work within limits. We just don’t like being told to do so. In full appreciation of this delicacy in the national psyche, Berry locates an old, time-honored comfort in studying, evaluating, and dealing with the various parameters that define and qualify our various landscapes: limits to economy and growth, limits to science and technology, even limits to creative imagination and spiritual wisdom. His concern throughout is to encourage a comprehensive program that sustains a healthy human community within a fractured political system, a vulnerable environment, a distorted economy, and most importantly, an extractive relationship with the very land that feeds our prosperity. From his perch on a hillside farm in Henry Country, Kentucky, Berry proves to be one of our sagest voices for positive reconstruction. READ MORE ...


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