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Flourish on WB's "Gift": Haack

WB cited in conference report

Summary Report from National Young Farmers Conference | Beginning Farmers.
The final and absolutely most exciting session was titled “Building the Young Farmers Movement: How We Can Coordinate and Grow!” led by Severine von Tscharer Fleming, Greenhorns, and Ben Shute. This is what Megan and I had been waiting for. When Wendell Berry told America that we would need 50 million more farmers, he was talking about every single young person in the session, which was standing-room only. About half of us were young, hopeful farmers and the rest were supporters and advocates, representing national organizations. We began by listing the challenges of the movement, then began working on solutions. I was able to share my experience of organizing the MYFC, just two months young at the time. The discussion was spirited and by the close of our two hours together, we were ready to declare: here we are, the National Young Farmer Coalition! Stay tuned for more on the NYFC … READ MORE ...


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