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Flourish on WB's "Gift": Haack

Denis Haack on Wendell Berry's "The Gift of Good Land' — Flourish.
My first introduction to our divine calling as stewards of the earth came not from Wendell Berry but from Francis Schaeffer. The fundamentalism of my youth insisted the earth would be annihilated in a burning cataclysm, of no use to a God whose interest was spiritual not physical. In the meantime our job was to rescue souls from a planet doomed to destruction.

Schaeffer would have none of it. The creation, he insisted, is loved by its Creator, is destined for renewal, and will be our home forever. In ideas later distilled in Pollution and the Death of Man, Schaeffer argued that our care for the earth is a calling that must be assumed with passion, that the tree and ant are fellow creatures, not disposable items in a quest to carve out a lifestyle of personal peace and affluence. READ MORE ...


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