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Farm Like a Factory, Eat Like a Pig | Sustainable Food |
Our embrace of mechanization and technology has been so complete as to render us unwilling — or perhaps unable — to conceive of the dictates of an organic reality, a perspective that is costing us not only the health of our environment but the sustainability of our agricultural system.

"By means of the machine metaphor we have eliminated any fear or awe or reverence or humility or delight or joy that might have restrained us in our use of the world,” wrote Wendell Berry in his 1978 book The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture.

Due to this lack of reverence, he points out in his essay "Agricultural Solutions to Agricultural Problems," "we have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist. It is the good work of good farmers — nothing else — that ensures a sufficiency of food over the long term." READ MORE ...


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