Blog Watch: Quotable WB in Remembrance address
WB in Louisville, December 6

Blog Watch: WB to be discussed at ND

Among the many events related to a conference at Notre Dame in the coming week will be a panel devoted to Mr. Berry.

Notre Dame conference : Theopolitical.

Wendell Berry: A Man for All Seasons
* Civic Lessons from Port William, Kentucky: Wendell Berry’s Imaginative World of ‘Membership’ (Michael Stevens, Cornerstone University)
* The Place of Knowing: Wendell Berry and the Epistemology of Agrarianism (Mark Mitchell, Patrick Henry College)
* Healing the Hidden Wound: The Theology of the Body in Wendell Berry’s Remembering (Nathan Schlueter, Hillsdale College)
* Gratitude as a Virtue in Wendell Berry (Matt Bonzo, Cornerstone University) 

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