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Blog Watch: Kalman, Pollan, Berry, & spoon-gagging

In The New York Times, Maira Kalman nods to Mr. Berry via Michael Pollan:


And produces this response from a blogger in Morocco:

Gag me with a custom egg-spoon. While Wendell may be ‘connected to the land’, the process by which he tills his soil is in no way indicative of the tether. I’ve worked land using a plow pulled behind a donkey – it’s not fun. None of the women who live here think it’s all that great, either. Their lives depend on the agricultural calendar – the rain, the earth, the exceptionally hot or dry or frigid days – all have direct impact on their livelihoods and lives. They are ‘connected to the land’ like no one I’ve ever met. And you can bet they’d take a mechanical plow in a heartbeat. A washing machine, too. They’d be no less ’connected’, but man would they be pumped. They could actually, you know, plow a field and still have time to talk to their kids, all in one day. READ MORE ...


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