Epigraphical Berry "learning to give"
WB in Louisville, November 7

The WB Facebook thing

Barring a temporary shutdown to reorganize itself, it appears that the previously mentioned Wendell Berry page on Facebook has been deleted. I'm sincerely sorry to see this, since it cuts off more than 3,000 people from quick access to information from here, Mr. Wendell Berry of Kentucky. Needless to say, MWBoK is staying put, and I hope some of the old FB folks will find a way ("Subscribe to This Blog's Feed" anyone? ) to stay in touch.

I recommend that members of that apparently-defunct WB page sign on to The Wendell Berry Society (1601 members at present), which has always been admirably transparent in its creation and intentions.
Name: The Wendell Berry Society
Category: Organizations - Non-Profit Organizations
Description: For those who enjoy the work of the farmer-poet, Wendell Berry, and/or agree that we are steadily losing a part of what makes us human in our rush to embrace technology and uber-industrialism. For those that retain agrarian values in the face of mass development and rampant consumerism.
Privacy Type: Open: All content is public.


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