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Just posted to the WB Facebook page

I just posted the following to the Wendell Berry Facebook page because after searching "Wendell Berry Facebook" I discovered that the page description contains some serious inaccuracies.

Dear moderator of this FB page, I write with a simple request that, if at all possible, you change the public search description of this FB page so that it does NOT read "Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Wendell Berry. Get exclusive content and interact with Wendell Berry right from Facebook." This is very misleading. Based on some fan comments left here, it seems that people sometimes come here expecting to have some "interaction" with Mr. Berry ... and that's just not the case. Thanks again for setting up this page which brings my efforts at "Mr. Wendell Berry of Kentucky" to a much wider group.

Oh ... one other issue is this "exclusive content." Unless I'm missing something, there's nothing exclusive about what appears here (aside from fan comments). It all comes from MWBoK, which is also not exclusive but just me trolling the web for interesting bits. Thanks.

And now I'm just noticing another point which I failed to make in my post. The page is labeled "official" and I wonder what that could ever mean. I hope this can be quickly resolved ... especially since it involves the work of a man whose personal integrity in matters of life and language is well known.


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When I became a fan of the Facebook group, I started to figure it was run by you because they seem mostly to post your blog posts and your blog posts only. (I especially love that they linked to this particular post as though it was yet another piece of WB info!)

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