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I have neglected to note the re-publication by Counterpoint of two more past titles by Mr. Berry. Back in May they released The Gift of Good Land: Further Essays Cultural and Agricultural and Home Economics: Fourteen Essays. Excepting their new uniform covers with classy art by Wesley W. Bates, the volumes are identical to the previous North Point editions. We who index are grateful that, with no new material, these editions preserve the original pagination.

The recently published Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food in tandem with The Art of the Commonplace from 2003 would seem to form a most useful "short" introduction to Mr. Berry's thought.

And we continue to look forward to the November publication of Leavings, a poetry collection that is described at Amazon:

Following the widely praised Given, this new collection offers a masterful blend of epigrams, elegies, lyrics, and letters, with the occasional short love poem. Alternately amused, outraged, and resigned, Berry’s welcome voice is the constant in this varied mix. The book concludes with a new sequence of Sabbath poems, works that have spawned from Berry’s Sunday morning walks of meditation and observation.

And then (shall we start some rumors?) in addition to all of these certainties—and with nine homeless tales floating around out there—might we also be able to expect another story collection (or an expansion of That Distant Land) in the near future? Is there some whispering about more new essays? If you have information that you are able to share on these matters, please do.


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