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Blog Watch: WB and water

Blog Watch: A problem with WB

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The little "joker in the deck" with Wendell Berry is that if we were to try to "eat local and eat organic" from the commercial crops he grows, we would starve to death in short order.

What was amazing about the Wendell Berry post was how many responses it engendered from people who seemed to think America is full of farms growing organic fruits and vegetables. Just go down to your local road-side vegetable stand to pick up locally-grown produce.


What road-side stand?



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Is this the third rant from this "terrierman" that has been linked to from this page lately? Who is this blogger-nobody who thinks he can touch the modern-day Emerson that is Mr. Wendell Berry? Stop giving him attention.

Hello! A little looking around tells us that "terrierman" is one Patrick Burns, who has written a book called "American Working Terriers."

One of my (of course self-defined) missions with this site, "Mr. Wendell Berry of Kentucky," has been to make easily accessible whatever WB-related material may appear on the web. And I get to make the call on what is substantial, relevant, and interesting among the various things that pop up. But I don't assume that readers here will always agree with my editorial choices.

My experience with WB material on the web has shown that the vastest amount of it is respectful of the man and his work; some of it is worshipful; much is redundant. But only a very small portion is critical to the degree that Mr. Burns' posts have been.

If Mr. Burns were being blatantly obscene or ignorant in his posting, I'd have no problem with ignoring him. But he is clearly trying to construct a rational explanation of some flaws he sees in Mr. Berry's thought (as he understands it). If we find flaws in Mr. Burns' thought, we should probably point them out ... as Brad East has done so well at ... point them out or ignore them as we choose.

Thanks very much for raising this issue. Maybe it's time for me to be more explicit about my intentions and editorial policies behind this site. As all-consumed as it is with "Everything WB" ... and maybe because of this ... it is not a cultic shrine. I don't believe Mr. Berry would want it to be.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I was being snarky and didn't intend my "stop giving him attention" to be taken as a real demand. As someone who regularly checks your site, I very much appreciate the completeness of your tracking the WB-related material on the internet, and I have no complaint whatsoever about you including material that is critical of Berry.

On the other hand, what annoys me about this terrier guy is that he seems to have some kind of obsessive vendetta against Berry, judging by the fact that most of the recent criticisms of Berry that you've linked to have been from this same guy (does he ever blog about anything else? Why is he on such a crusade against Berry?) I suspect that perhaps he knows that if he keeps attacking Berry, you'll keep linking to his blog.

Anyway, my previous comment was meant to vent my annoyance at the terrier guy, not to criticize the way you run this excellent site. Keep up the good work (but maybe watch out for attention-seeking trolls)!

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