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WB receives Haldeman Award

Garden's new look | | The Courier-Journal.

When Henry County, Ky., writer and farmer Wendell Berry accepts the Haldeman Award for his cultural-preservation advocacy Friday, June 12, at Farmington Historic Plantation in Louisville, he will be sharing the limelight with a garden.

Advertisement The event, "An Evening in the Garden," is an awards dinner, auction and unveiling of a redesign of Farmington's beloved "historical" garden. The garden was created about 60 years ago by Anne Bruce Haldeman in a 19th-century style thought suitable for the old hemp farm. READ MORE ...

Wendell Berry is ALIVE

Ike, the author of the blog entry cited here, has confused Wendell Berry with Thomas Berry. A great thinker about and lover of our earth, Fr. Thomas Berry died on June 1.

ike: Wendell Berry.

Wendell Berry passed away on the first of June. He was a great thinker, farmer, theologian, and writer, and one of the most literate critics of modern agriculture and the "green revolution". A hero. I hope that his death at least helps to raise awareness of the issues he fought so hard for, but I doubt it will be considered newsworthy.

We mourn the loss of Fr. Berry. And we celebrate the ongoing life and work of Mr. Wendell Berry.