Gurney Norman profiled
WB cited in Chicago

New Andy Catlett in TPR

Threepenny: Berry, Early Education.

In grades one and two I was a sweet, tractable child who caused no trouble. I was "little Andy Catlett," the second of that name, the first being my Uncle Andrew who had raised more than his share of hell and mowed a wide swath among the ladies. My own public reputation so far was clean as a whistle. But in grade three I learned of the damage that could be done to a strict disciplinary harmony by a small discord, and I was never the same afterwards. READ MORE ...

A Blatant Plug for a Really Good Literary Magazine: Over the years, The Threepenny Review has provided me with much fictional, non-fictional, and poetical, thought-provoking goodness. Please check it out and consider a subscription for yourself. Thanks.


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