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Laurie Lewis sings Burley Coulter's Song

Of interest: An Elegy for Tobacco

An Elegy for Tobacco | Front Porch Republic.

Last summer our little congregation went through a painful upheaval–a division that proved to be beyond our capacity for love, neighborliness, and appreciation of old ties. As with all griefs, I’ve spent a lot of time mulling it over, as has Mary. She and her husband Chuck farm full-time just a mile from us, and both have lived in Henry County all their lives. On Sundays Mary sits in the pew that her grandmother sat in (or rather the replacement pew in the same spot). And not long ago she said to me that she wondered if the end of the tobacco program didn’t have something to do with our troubles at church.

What she meant was this: every community must be bound together by something it shares—and for the ties to bind strongly there need to be several somethings. Here in Henry County, when everyone used to raise tobacco, everyone had the crop’s seasons and its demands in common. Tobacco needs a lot of tending, and requires hard work... READ MORE ...


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