Blog Watch: Blaming WB
RFK Jr. on mountaintop mining

WB will be in Chattanooga

Wendell Berry: The Farmer Resists.

“The truth is that we Americans, all of us, have become a kind of human trash, living our lives in the midst a ubiquitous damned mess of which we are at once the victims and the perpetrators.” — Wendell Berry, “Waste”

Wendell Berry will be among the literary heavyweights attending this year’s Conference on Southern Literature (CSL). The affable 74-year-old farmer from Kentucky is a man who defies category. Berry is a white, Southern, Protestant farmer, an agrarian, an activist conservationist, and an acclaimed writer who has challenged our most basic notions of economic and cultural progress. READ MORE ...

Mr. Berry will be receiving the Cleanth Brooks Medal for Lifetime Achievement on Friday, April 3.


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