Blog Watch: Reflection on "Wild Blessings"
WB event: June 12, Louisville

NPR profiles 'Wild Blessings'

Theater - 'Wild Blessings': Wendell Berry's Passions, Reframed : NPR.

Wild Blessings weaves Berry's poems together with original music by composer Malcom Dalglish, who speaks and plays instruments onstage. Four actors, who also play instruments, present Berry's characters and life.

The arc of the play mirrors Berry's own migration: Born in 1934, he moved away from Kentucky in the late '50s to live in California and New York. Ultimately, though, he returned to his home state, where since the '60s he's been living the kind of agrarian life he writes about.

For playgoers, "the journey of the evening is [about] being a young person in the city and struggling against urban life, and then falling in love and moving back to home, which happens to be Kentucky," says Marc Masterson, artistic director at the Actor's Theatre. READ MORE ...


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This brief mention of Mr. Berry's background reminds me of an interesting point. For all his talk of the need stay home, Wendell Berry's stints in California and New York were clearly crucial formative experiences for him. It is important to make a home, but it is also important to see some of the world beyond home. I find that my travels have allowed me to see my home with new eyes.

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