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WB to honor Stegner with reading

Stegner by Berry - Salt Lake Tribune.

For his March 5 reading at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple as part of the University of Utah's Stegner symposium, Berry said he will read from his short stories. Renowned for his novels chronicling a fictional, post-WWII Kentucky community known as Port William, Berry most recently wrote an illustrated children's story, Whitefoot , about a mouse in the woods who adapts to the discovery of an environment outside the old, limited view of her world.

While Berry's undying emphasis on environmental concerns in his fiction has numerous fans, one critic on described him as a "self-righteous Luddite who knows what's best for you."

Berry said he finds that assessment amusing. "I'm not really interested in the question of whether or not I'm self-righteous," he said. "I'd be far more interested in the question of whether or not I'm right." READ MORE ...


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It always speaks volumes when the only term a critic can use against someone who dares to question the dominance of technology is "Luddite." I doubt such critics are even familiar with the actual history of the Luddites, and I imagine that the same critics would reject any such labeling of themselves. They, of course, are simply "normal."

By the way, a look at shows that Mr. Berry apparently has a new book of essays on the way.


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