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WB to appear in Chattanooga

WB mentioned in article critical of ISI

With few exceptions, modern conservatism making turn toward ‘myopic’ views of society | The Kentucky Kernel.

I had the distinct opportunity, some years ago, to attend a conference put on by ISI [Intercollegiate Studies Institute]. It was a tribute of sorts to Kentucky writer Wendell Berry, who has earned the admiration of the conservative ISI because of his semi-radical views on the state of higher education, his insistence upon staid gender roles in modern society and his promulgation of a sort of Luddite, low-tech view of food systems and the homestead. One of the panelists, who shall remain anonymous, actually suggested that humans go back to pre-Industrial Revolution ways and habits, including riding on horses for transportation, writing with quill pens and hand-plowing fields in order to reconnect with our core values. I’m not kidding, and I think, furthermore, that I can let ISI speak for itself. READ MORE ...


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