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A not-so-new, brief essay

Edible Brooklyn - Winter 2008.

The link above brings you to the Contents for Edible Brooklyn's Winter 2008 edition. See page 50: FOOD FOR THOUGHT | New Year’s Revolutions: What city people can do.

When you click the link on the magazine's index page, your computer will download a pdf file that can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader or (if yr a Mac guy like me) Preview.

Thanks to Brooklyn Farmer for the heads up.

UPDATE: The essay turns out to be a re-packaging of "The Pleasures of Eating" which is collected in What Are People For? (1990). It's funny that there's no mention of that in the magazine. Anyway, it's always good to see WB printed widely.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Actually reading the two essays shows that about three paragraphs have been excised from the original "The Pleasures of Eating" in order to produce "New Year's Revolutions": a section on "the current version of the 'dream home'" (which hasn't aged so well) and, sadly, the final paragraph of "Pleasures" which helps us to consider eating as a religious experience.


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