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11 December 2009


John Clark

I find that the box (can we still call it a box?) is a great void. It seems to suck the life force from you if allowed to do so. Still, it can be a pleasant distraction as long as you maintain control. Watching cooking shows or science shows, yes even the odd episode of 30 Rock, can lighten the load of a long day.

Sadly, more often than not I find that there is nothing to be gained from the supposed news organizations. John Stewart is more unbiased than the peddlers distortion journalism.

And then there is college basketball. How would I live without howling at the referee? It's too cold to leave my recliner and actually go to a game.

I suppose moderation would be the key. Then again, I'm not too sure we wouldn't be better off if the lights went out and we had to read by candle light.


John, I'm not a purist on this matter ... or much of any other matter, either. Without a doubt, TV has its aesthetic and analgesic spirits. Lacking the spectator sports gene, I tend to forget that most people use it to stay in touch with their favorite players/teams ... in fact, most people seem to like TV just fine ... and that's okay by me.

But I've found some pleasure in stepping away from it. I don't think that has made me a better person in relation to others ... but I'm feeling a tad saner ... sort of on the same track as realizing that my life doesn't need a few hundred student papers to process every week.

I'd be real sorry to see the grid go down. I'd almost certainly starve to death.


makes me happy:
the thought of more you
to be reading!

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