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06 January 2009


Tom Murphy

But the psalm doesn't arrive without baggage. It could be thought/prayed by any person on a wide political spectrum.

I pray it broadly, remembering it's God's judgment/justice we seek ... not just our latest misread version of what we want (or think we want) God's justice to be. What God wants, that's what we want ... because only that can save the poor and relieve the oppressed. What could that be?


i wish i knew, or even had a clue. There's so much wrong and bad and evil, and there's also good and love somtimes if you look or can see, but how to create or be open to it? How to know if it's real of just some jerk trying to sell something we desperately want/need to believe in, or worse to gain confidence that should never be given as it will be used to bad purpose? No, I'm realy not depressed, really. Maybe a little sad at the world and more than that disappointed in my seeming inability to do anything that matters, to make anything better, to do much more than hang on and think too much...

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