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28 March 2008



These are great, really wonderful.


preeshee ate it, jordan


reminds me that you introduced me to poetry readings ... there's a lot more to these word groups when read by the writer than when read by a stranger.
Like Shakepeare - horrible writer as a playwright but to see his work performed in Stratford or at the Barbican the play is good.
Some things need real people...some people need real people. Too bad it's so hard to get what we need; will it ever be any easier? Been meaning to email but you;re busy with important stuff to figure on and my thinking is shadowy, uncertain ... escaping words, slipping beyond.
(And it's weird but you sound the same now as 25+ years ago)


Thanks, ms. I wonder if it's true that the voice doesn't age at the same rate as the rest of the organism ... and I wonder why. Truth is, the I that is me hasn't really changed that much over the past 25+ years. Still sort of bumbling around waiting for things to get interesting.

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