she said so

Left to the wind when the roosters came home, her locals found a chance.

She pulled them up into a bunch. She wizened them. Like candy hearts.

And it was inappropriate for one in this condition to have said things like that.

So put on your socks, your days. An important tone of noise. Ever busy at something.

Like the performance of a cleaning job. Or not remembering the words.

delirious kid

Whose mind in fact
        resemblance in a storm
departs or comes
back         interested
how we forced a mistake to run us
round or thin
        before the actor says
        kind of manic
a prince                 I come a prince

you better now

So you'd better care the lessons

into some fresh riskiness. It's

coming. We had to learn it all

over the place. The showers the

basements we gave up for goods.

We and our shameful woody power

lines have finally put to rest

the old saw. To persist in some

rebellion is to unleash a soul-

ful a demonic a tricky indecision.

then cooler than

Sincendiary. Ever since. Then.

Myself. Inresponsible steps. Good.

A magical surfeeling. Sincerely.

A question of abundance. In slow

Colors. All the time. An under-

Determined participation. In.

Oceanic in. Conception. Saying.

Toward which. I might understand.

for softer softener

most of his reading goes to talking
        as a 'discourse of the critique' of power
as of  'ever more flashy amusements' here
        it's just 'easier to read in this' light
where there's no 'strange, lonely place' to ask
        what did you have 'when you had it'
when you saw how 'horses and birds go' quietly mad
        or voted themselves 'asleep'
'to confirm, protect, revoke & resist' a dream
        of whom to put here 'in my place'

more than this

Having found how to get a large privacy in a public space,

you understand the silence is an antidote anyone can find

if they'll go put their eyes to the ground where a beetle

minds its own business. Since we are sometimes at odds w/

ourselves in these infamous trousers, we'll take them off

and sparkle. There. Nicely and predicate-like, energetic.

They were usually talking about what anything might see

if it understood the edges of its seeing. We'll say again.


Put me in a soft container. Carry me around. Painted red.

Little lines of me hoarded - safe in these footsteps. Good.

leaving you out of it

That what you slept took a branch

I'm telling you took it right off the slick

tree of the undone the unknown unreading

Myself. Responsible for the photo

coined as the New some such or whatsit

stream of white goings on out back the house.

Of course whole forests answered

for it clomping into town like an owner.

I'm telling you it all seemed open appropriate

at the time but what did any

of us actually know. What did we ever

think we were doing in that dreary backyard

that somebody hadn't already done.

long set aside I says

Re: one's short-term efforts to avoid embarrassment,

we'll work with them. I bet you can't count how many

times one might brazen out the sundry confessions

I've fumbled like an oaf in your general direction.

After one sends these worries up over the heads of

our incendiary watchers. I meant the criminal actors

one gets to know in youth, the hard cases shit-laden

from the start. I figured you'd had them too in some

places, time-prisons where one just accepts the stink

of adolescent mulch or what I had to do with it once

one turns out a poltroon on the day's forced march.

I'd asked for some relief but got no good from it.

So you, one says, can copy out song for another day.

copy the stream

as something said while hunting goes as

a ranger of selfish impulses to the sky as

the flower of privilege a ghost stood up as

we're not killing enough more killing it as

enough along the edges so this heart's as

good for an ice trick to rupture traffic as

if it comes up over coffee anymore for as

a single old architect puts it this is not as

poetry think of it experimental as film as

a poem its approximate incarnation of as

what he said

"Never trust a poem with its I's too close together." Charles Bernstein

I do not run I used to run but
I do not care I cannot run so
I refuse to put I out I can
I will if I won't agree to go
I'll go of course I'll go on
I'm putting my best I inward
I like to bend I'm betting on
I to win since I win evenly
I'm well-regulated or I stop
I've got some time I push I'm
I in our dream I hand you on
I'd like to sing I over a cliff
I in I's all the I I can muster

past due

Talk about the soul
I'm in another room

So you took us on
To post it and drop 25
Or so follows

There's the cut-up
Back to the end or
Soul again

Having nothing to do
It's not that there's
No substance

There's no word for
Having tried to unrope
The calf of

Our pretending to care
Deeply while we care
Just a bit

For wasted lips no
Kisses for saying
Real things

after that

Becoming to want more money I may not have a right to

put language on top as if one saying had to erupt cage-

free for anyone to get it. Never take me out. Or expect

answers as fresh coins in the soft palm. O the vast way

toward saying This is specifically about the time I put

my self on the line. Look we are about to be over it so

replace your identity with your breakfast. But I repeat

myself. Unwritten from theory I slink and fumble always

toward you. For the simplest things anybody trades then

surrenders. Sometimes the fresh-cut limb is just off to

the side not exactly invisible but quiet enough to love.

a star

who played the cop at last

or had walked up from behind to kiss his bare shoulder

who'd been drawn to it

mistaken all these years to have once been a squirrel or dogish

who - wouldn't you know -

the electorate had rejected easily for his lonely day job but

who, of course, has been re-assembled

out of bruises or shadows held as dogma by lucky builders

who played the cop (until) at last

back to the corner wall, he found himself crying over government flaws

who had considered a run

one might take, carrying disappointment like one's own occasional child

who's here without friends

iridescence wasn't hot at the time but a regular flashing -

who put it on the ledge

pigeons, for instance, innate or arbitrary all at once

who play cops until they ain't